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On The Air since 1980WRDV is a non-commercial, educational, public radio station operated by the Bux-Mont Educational Radio Association (BMERA), a non-profit, IRS tax exempt corporation. Our programs are heard on 89.3 FM Warminster PA, 107.3 Philadelphia PA, 97.1 Bensalem PA, and on WLBS-FM 91.7 Bristol-Levittown PA.

The Association has operated the station since 1980, providing extensive training to individuals seeking a career in broadcasting. WRDV also provides Public Service Announcements for other local non-profit organizations and church groups as well as on-air access to those groups.

Funding for this unique station is provided by local businesses, private donations, large corporations and occasionally, grants from government agencies and private foundations. Our volunteer staff pays a monthly fee to help defray operating costs.

  • WRDV and WLBS are the 20,000 listeners who tune in regularly.
  • WRDV and WLBS are the individuals who generously support us during our annual fund drive.
  • WRDV and WLBS are the Delaware Valley businesses committed to keeping the station alive through their support.
  • WRDV and WLBS are the over 50 volunteers who donate their time to the station.

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