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The Groove
Monday - 9 PM - 12 AM
Welcome to The Groove, where we'll dig deep into The 60s...and maybe a little beyond.The 60s were the ultimate crossroads decade, where the art of the Big Band reached its crescendo, Jazz continued improvising new explorations, the Blues finally got paid its dues, Folk actually became popular and, in the middle of it all, a newly nascent musical style Rolled onto center stage and Rocked the house, gradually inviting everyone else under its roof.The 1960s witnessed one of the greatest transformations in popular music where the boundary between performer and composer dissolved and the age of the singer-songwriter was born. And this new breed of musician, rather than sitting at a piano, stood with a guitar to amplify their radical expressions of this turbulent time. fatal coda of The Stones at Altamont; from the carefree innocence of just wanting to hold your hand, to the existential answers that were blowing in the wind; from the stuttering frustration of my generation, to the hallucinogenic wonderland of a white rabbit; from the trans-Atlantic competition that inspired pet sounds and Sgt. Pepper, to Aretha demanding respect in Satchmo's wonderful world. So, join me on a trip through peace and love, war and lost innocence...and maybe, just a little beyond. You dig?

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