WRDV 2023 Premium Donations

If you want a premium, or premiums for your donations here are the donation amounts for each item and bundles. Please specify the sizes for shirts and pants.

Cuffed Knit Cap

Price: $40

Pom Pom Knit Cap

Price: $45


Price: $50


Price: $65

Sizes: M - L - XL - XXL


Price: $65

Sizes: M - L - XL - XXL


Bundle #1

Price: $160

Pants, Shirt & Cuffed Knit Cap

Bundle #2

Price: $170

Pants, Shirt & Scarf

Deluxe Bundle

Price: $250

Sweatshirt, Pants, Scarf, Cuffed Knit Cap, Pom Pom Knit Cap

DJ For an Hour

Price: $250

Did you ever want to be on the air? Well now you can. You can talk the talk and share your music on the air. It can even be a great gift to give to someone.